At our Factory Showroom our Window Shade Products are always at “Factory Direct Prices!” Let us help you find the ideal window shade for your home or office. We offer a complete range of window shade options that are custom made to exactly fit your windows and your style. Many of our window treatments are custom built for you in our Maplewood, N.Y. facility.

Bring your measurements and visit our Factory Store soon! Our specially trained staff will help you select the right window treatments for your windows, your style and your needs. We provide FREE fabric swatches and self guided window measuring forms.  Our blinds and shades are easy to install for the “do it yourself customer”.  If preferred our, Comfortex trained, Installers are available to measure, install, and even remove old blinds.

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Cellular Shades

  • Comfortex Cellular Shades are beautiful and smart. They insulate your windows in the winter and keep the chills away. In the summer, they block incoming heat to keep your home cool. Cellular shades block UV rays, protecting your furnishings from fading.
  • Available in different honeycomb sizes, Comfortex Cellular Shades are available in many colors, hardware and fabric styles from light filtering, room darkening to blackout.
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Color Lux Cellular Shades

The Color Lux Designer Collection is a beautifully affordable custom cellular shade program tailored to fit your needs! Color Lux has reinvented the way you pick out color for your shades. Thats right! You will no longer need to rummage through a jumbled mess of swatches just to end up settling for second best. Now you can find the exact color you want with a simple and organized color deck. Each color in the color deck has been matched to our fabric samples to ensure color consistency.  Every Color Lux shade is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

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Roman Shades

Serenade® Roman Shades are perfect combination of the soft look of drapery with the easy functionality of a shade in a seemingly endless choice of beautiful fabrics. Select from different fabric fold styles with many hardware options to choose from including cordless options.

  • Need more insulation? Fusion™ Insulating Roman Panel Shades combine the beauty of drapery fabrics with the insulation of a cellular shade.
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Sheer Window Shadings

Shangri-La® Sheer Window Shadings combine the light control of a blind, the function of a shade, and the softness of light filtering or blackout sheer fabrics. The adjustable colored fabric vanes are suspended between two sheer fabrics. Completely open, the view of the outside world is unobstructed. Partially to completely closed, light is softly diffused. When raised, the entire shading disappears into a sleek head rail.

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Roller Shades

  • Envision™ Roller Shades are a window covering classic. We pair classic functionality with a wide range of fabrics including solar screens. Roller shades provide excellent light control and look great on their own or underneath draperies or top treatments.
  • Check out our Major League Baseball sport themed shades. Perfect for dorms, man caves and bedrooms!
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Wood and Wood Alloy Blinds

Enjoy the warmth, beauty and richness of basswood with Comfortex’s Newport Woods Blind Collection. Newport Wood Blinds offer a number of options including wood slat sizes, decorative tapes, and paint or stains.

Woodwinds® Wood Alloy Blinds look and feel like real wood! Built from hardwood and thermal polymers, Woodwinds Wood Alloy Blinds are ideal in high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens because they won't warp, crack, or fade. Available in several paint and stains and slat widths, Woodwinds blinds can also be customized with decorative tapes.

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Vertical Sheer Shadings

A beautiful way to control light
A vertical application with a sheer fabric face to let light in and to enjoy the view and soft fabric vanes for privacy.
Our Vertical Sheer Shadings combine the beauty of sheer shadings and light control of vertical blinds giving you endless ways to control light.

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Specialty Shaped Windows

We can help you find a solution for your difficult to cover windows including arch, half-round, trapezoid, angle, octagon and skylight windows. Be sure to stop in to learn about your options.

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Insulating Blinds

Odysee™ Insulating Fabric Blinds combines the energy efficient performance of cellular shades with the variable light control of traditional wood blinds. Available in over 800 colors, Odysee fabric vanes expand to insulate windows from drafts, offer complete privacy, conceal lift cords and are white to the exterior. Odysee’s compressed fabric vanes provide an open view through like a wood.

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Highlights Cornice Valance

Elevate your windows to a whole new level of design with the award-winning Highlights Cornice Valance.

Upgrade any window treatment including roman, roller, cellular, pleated and more. Add a finishing touch; coordinate with other design elements in your room, add softness, color or height. With the Highlights Cornice Valance, more beautiful windows are within your reach.

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Panel Track Shades

Large windows or patio doors? No problem! The Comfortex Panel Track sliding fabric system is a perfect solution with fashion and function in mind.

The Comfortex Panel Track System is available with multiple designer fabrics including the PERSONA design your own shade program. Achieve a coordinated look with a panel track system along with roller or roman shades throughout a room with windows of all sizes! Panel Track Shades can function as room dividers too!

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You have a style all your own — with the innovative PERSONA™ Roller, Roman and Panel Track Shades; you can express it with completely personalized window shades.

PERSONA offers everything you need for design inspiration: endless array of solid colors and textured palettes for a look that expresses your decorating ideas. Create a unique pattern through custom coloring or add a border in the color of your choosing. Select from an extensive collection of fabrics, including light filtering and blackout styles, as well as contemporary fiberglass sunscreen fabrics which help insulate windows.

The finished product will be a personalized window treatment that expresses the essence of your very own style.

Nothing expresses your individual style and creativity like PERSONA Roller, Roman and Panel Track Shades.

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Soft Tones Sheer Shadings

Incorporating opaque and sheer front fabric vanes together, Soft Tones Sheer Shadings offer a beautiful, unique way to diffuse light.
Soft Tones Sheer Shadings incorporate solid and sheer front fabrics with a bold 5½" solid fabric vane for ultimate easy light control and privacy.

When lowered, Soft Tones Shadings can be tilted into an open or partially open position to gently diffuse light. Enjoy your privacy when the shading is in the closed position.